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iam8bit & Materia Collective are ecstatic to present Hero of Time, an officially licensed, one-hour arrangement album based on Koji Kondo’s dynamic, epic and absolutely gorgeous score to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Freshly – and exclusively – recorded by the 64-player Slovak National Symphony Orchestra for this very album, Hero of Time breathes new life into classic Ocarina of Time score, previously only available from its Nintendo 64 sound chip origins.



1. Hero of Time
2. The Man with Evil Eyes
3. Fateful Morning
4. Hyrule Field
5. Castle Town Market
6. Princess Zelda
7. Kristin Naigus, Patti Rudisill – Lon Lon Ranch
8. Dungeon Dwellers
9. The Legendary Blade
10. Seven Years

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